Building old Chromium

There are two main problems that can arise if someone wants to build an ancient version of Chromium. The first is the SVN -> GIT migration that happened in 2014 that moved all the source code and dependency mirrors to GIT and the second is the force pushes in the external sources that Chromium depends on. I tried to build Chromium 34 for old project that stopped working for Android Nougat. Continue reading “Building old Chromium”


Building custom Chromium #1

As an introduction I would like to write about my current task at my current job without spilling any secrets. I am working on an Android client for rather large secure application platform. The project has several levels, but the main idea is that there HTML5 applications at the top. These are run by a custom version of chromium that is linked together with our platform libraries and only communicates with our servers. The whole should be multi-platform, that is why we have clients for the major OSs, and Android is my responsibility. Continue reading “Building custom Chromium #1”